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A. How to apply an account in ZyPartner / Download Library Service?

For Zyxel authorized Subsidiary & Zyxel Partners, please fill out the Registration Form to apply the account.

B. If I forget password, how to change or reset it?

For Zyxel authorized Subsidiary & Zyxel Partners, there are two alternatives to change / reset passwords.

• Alternative 1

Step 1: Login ZyPartner.

Step 2: Go to My Profile.

Step 3: Scroll down to Change Password area and please fill in your New password.

* New password should be 8 - 20 words. Password may consist of A-Z,a-z,0-9 and underscores; At least 1 english char(A-Z,a-z); At least 1 number(0-9).

• Alternative 2

Step 1: Go to ZyPartner / Download Library Service page and click Forget Password.

Step 2: Enter your ID and Email then submit your request.

Step 3: Receive your email, then click the link to reset password.

Step 4: Please fill in Password and Confirm the password again to reset password.

Please contact with webmasters@zyxel.com.tw if you need more assistance.